Places Of Interest


Cherating is a legendary beach town that attracts not only Malaysians as a holiday destination but is gaining popularity with surfers from many parts of the world. Known as Surfer’s Haven since the 70’s, surfers all over the world return to Cherating every year from the month of October to March to test out the waves of the South China Sea. The waves break at 1ft to 5ft, making surfing a popular past time for novice and old timers alike.

For nature lovers, a cruise down Cherating River and witness the flora and fauna of Cherating Mangrove Reserve – home to monitors lizards, birds, river otters and a number of primates. At night, be enthralled by a spectacular firefly tours by Hafiz, a renowned Firefly Whisperer.

Guest can try their luck at turtle watching. The coast along the Pahang and Terengganu border is a popular spot for turtles that return annually to lay eggs between April and October. Otherwise, you can watch turtles and terrapins all year round in captivity at Cherating Turtle Sanctuary.

Cherating is also known as Seafood Haven due to its close proximity to fishermen villages. Visit any of the villages and see how special local delicacies are made such as keropok lekor, keropok keping, satar, otak-otak, pais, akok and bahulu.

Travel to Kampung Cherating Lama and one can visit Batik School, Tie & Dye, Mengkuang Weaving Centre.

For more adventurous, one can spend a full day tour to trek up Jeram Penitih for an amazing experience to view 4 steps waterfall.


Disclaimer :
The resort shall NOT be liable for any untoward incidents related for any accident, injury, drowning or misadventures and the like that may happen for engaging activities to these places of interest or at water sport centre. Guests are responsible for making their insurance arrangements in respect of any injuries suffered by them, or caused by them to any third party.

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